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Boston, May 12  7:00 -8:30 pm
Wheelock College
The Center for Scholarship and Research

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Boston, May 13  10:00 -12:00 AM
Fenway High School, boston

Elad and Scott,
Thank you both so much for making time available to share your amazing lives with my 10th and 11th grade classes. Thursday and Friday we debriefed as a class and worked at solving a conflict through role play. During the preparation for the role play students kept referring back to your words and wisdom and incorporated them into their work. I'm excited to see how they turn out next week.
I wish you both well in all you do and Elad, in your travels and safety. Thank you both for making the world a better place than it was yesterday.
Respectfully and Warmly,

Matthew Giorgio


Brattleboro, Vermont, May 14  13:00 -15:00 AM
Conflict Transformation School for International Training
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"The students at the School of International Training were grateful
for the opportunity to hear and learn from Elad Vazana. Many of us
are studying Social Justice and Conflict Transformation and are eager
to learn more about the unique work of peace practitioners like Elad.
His presentation engaged students to ask difficult questions about
peace work, of which Elad answered openly and honestly, instilling in
many of us the hope and courage we desperately need as we enter this
challenging field.
Lauren Rauch, student. SIT

"I found it very moving the way you spoke about your personal transformation from a soldier who was raised to fear and hate Arabs into a committed peacebuilder who is willing to travel into enemy territory, emotionally as well as physically, to transcend the boundaries between neighbors that have solidified into decades of violence and hostility. People all over the West want to see hope in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and there are so few rays of hope these days. You really touched our students, pulling them out of their busy study routines in the week before the end of the semester, because they need to hear and see an example of that hope, of that transformation of relationships from impossible into possibility. I think everyone will be glad to hear your story and be cheered by the small but growing example of the peace gatherings you have helped to organize. Best of luck and blessings on your travels around America and I hope to dance with you someday along with Israelis and Palestinians in a more hopeful Middle East."

Dr. John Ungerleider
Professor, Conflict Transformation
School for International Training

Berkeley, San Francisco May 16 02:00-04:00 PM
Chochmat HaLev
(no photos been taken becouse of Shabat)
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From the Rebbe
May 18, 2009 24 Iyyar 5769
40th day of the omer
hod shebyesod, splendor/surrender within bonding

Dear Chevra,
This past Shabbat I spent a couple of hours at Chochmat HaLev, listening to the moving story of Elad Vazana, an Israeli Jew of Moroccan heritage who has spent the last ten or more years of his life working for peace in the Middle East. After his years of army service and having created a successful business, Elad awoke one morning from a vivid dream of being in a village in Portugala place he recognized as home. Filled with the dreams power, he sold his business and gave up the life he knew to travel to Portugal.

Passing through Spain on his way to the place he had dreamed about, Elad suddenly received further guidance. Instead of going on to Portugal, he found himself on a bus bound for Granada! There he spent a fabulous year immersed in a culture still resonant with the 700-year mutually respectful and gloriously fruitful interchange that had taken place between 700 and 1400 CE, when Jewish, Muslim, and Christian populations had flourished there in harmony during Spains Golden Age.

Filled with the spirit of possibility, Elad knew he had to go back to Israel and do something to rekindle this productive co-existence. He returned home and became involved in Sulha, the movement to gather leaders and everyday folks from all the Middle Easts great spiritual traditions in the spirit of mutual honor and reconciliation. (Sulha is an Arabic word that carries a similar meaning to the Hebrew slikha, forgiveness. It refers to ancient process evolved in Arab culture, where aggrieved parties would come together, witnessed by tribal elders, to speak and drink coffee and resolve differenceseven when murder or violence had been perpetrated.) Sulha organizers hoped to bring people together to share their stories of pain, to eat and pray together, and so to build the foundational spiritual and emotional coalitions upon which peace can come, at last, to rest. What began as small gatherings quickly mushroomed to major annual multi-cultural events, attended by thousands.

I was impressed by Elad and by his story. His work is in Sulhita, the branch of Sulha that brings together young Israeli Jews and Palestinians, who have been taught to heap hatred upon the enemy, without ever having met a person of the other side, much less looked into their eyes. These young people are brought together in summer residential settings where they can get to know one another and create bonds of fellowshiphod she byesod, splendor and surrender/humility in bonding. If these young people. who have been taught from the get-go to hate each other, can bond with one another in friendship in a weeks time, can we not also open our hearts to the possibility of peace in the Middle East? Can we not also let begin to go of our animosities, cynicism, and fear, and continue to work together toward that end?

The work of Sulha is at risk because of the most recent violence in Gaza and the current political climate in Israel. We, of course, need the wisdom of multiple approaches to peacemaking. Recognizing the humanity of the other, getting to know the enemy, is perhaps but one of a number of necessary steps in moving toward peace. I urge you to look into your own heart and to ask, in what ways can I, in integrity, contribute to healing, to peace in Israel and the Middle East? If you feel moved to support the work of Sulha and Sulhita, I invite you to use the link here to go to the Sulha website, to learn more about their work, and to donate if you can. http://www.sulha.com/ShowItem.asp?ItemId=Donate

And they will come to my holy mountain,
and rejoice in my house of peace.
My house will be a house of prayer for all peoples.
Isaiah 56:7

With prayers and blessings for peace in all worlds,
Rabbi Diane Elliot, The Aquarian Minyan, Berkeley, CA.

San Francisco May 16 07:00-09:00 AM

The Interfaith Chapel.
"Profiling Peacemakers - An Evening with Elad Vazana."

San Francisco May 17 10:00-11:00 AM
The Presidio Chapel
on St. Peter's officially in an Episcopalian/Christian


Santa cruz May 17 2:00 to 4:00.pm
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
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Presidio in San francisco May 19

URI - lunch-time presentation
The Thoreau
Center for Sustainability
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Honolulu, Hawaii May 21
Peace Internationally" Benefit Concert
Central Union Church Parish Hall

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Honolulu hawaii May 25
Lantern floating
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peacemaking and healing of global importance

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Changing Lives in the Holy Land
Stories of loss, vision, and hope


An article by Daniela Kantorova

If happiness is contagious, then I hope this article is a carrier. I was honored to attend a Jewish-Palestinian dialog event in San Francisco where four panel members, two Palestinians, and two Israelis talked about their experience with the peace process. And there is not much that makes me happier than meeting people dedicated to promoting peace and unity...more

More picturs by An article by Daniela Kantorova

All of us with Shinnyo-en Team in Hawaii

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